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Global Strategist at Societe Generale. Self-proclaimed "uber bear".
Former Head of a $20bn Investment Portfolio at ING Deutschland. Author of "The Macro Compass"
Deputy Bureau Chief at Energy Intelligence Group
Former Chief Global Strategist at Nordea (left the bank after writing a controversial research note)
NYTimes columinst/editor & Co-anchor of Squawk Box, founder of DealBook
Anthony Pompliano, Entrepeneur and crypto investor
Banker who briefly served as the White House Director of Communications
Author, columnist, blogger, equity analyst, founder and CIO of Ritholtz Wealth Management
Former Fed chair, economist at the Brookings Institution
Wealth management and research firm
Investor, billionaire, hedge fund manager, founder of Pershing Square Capital
Founder of Microsoft, centibillionaire, business magnate, author and philanthropist
Investor, Crypto investor. Made famous in the movie The Social Network
Legendary businessman and investor, billionaire, founder of Ichan Enterprises
Journalist at CNBC. Co-anchor of "Squawk on the Street".
Founder, CEO and CIO of ARK Invest
Founder and CEO of Compound Capital Advisors
President of the European Central Bank
Chief Economist and strategist at Market Securities
Spanish economist and fund manager. Chief Economist at Tressis Gestión
CEO & Chief Strategist at Quill Intelligence, formerly Fed-advisor
Chief Macro Strategist at Contrarian Macro Advisors
President & Chief Economist & Strategist of Rosenberg Research
Chief Investment Officer, Family Management Corporation.
President of Seabreeze Capital Partners
Entrepeneur, centibillionaire, Tesla & SpaceX founder and CEO
Global Macro Strategist at Pictet Wealth Management (Switzerland)
Investor, billionaire, hedge fund manager and philanthropist. Profited on UK currency crisis in 1992.
Investment firm and activist short seller. Slogun: "Popping bubbles as we see them"
German journalist, author and editor at Zeitung Die Welt. Self-proclaimed market maniac
Billionaire tech entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of Twitter and Square (Crypto).
Jaime Rogozinski, founder of Reddit's WallStreetBets
Secretary of the Treasury, former Fed chair.
Investing columnist for WSJ.
Chief Energy Correspondent at Bloomberg News
Founder and chairman of Amazon, world's first centibillionaire, now also an astronaut
Investor, founder of DoubleLine Capital, nicknamed "Bond King"
Economist, founder of Exante Data. Formerly Goldman Sachs, Nomura and Bridgewater.
Co-founder of hedge fund firm, founder of "The Felder Report"
President of Bianco Research - macro analysis for institutional investors
Host of Mad Money on CNBC, former hedge fund manager
Lawyer, economist, investment banker, speaker, media commentator, author and gold bug
Co-host of "What'd You Miss?" on Bloomberg TV and editor at Bloomberg Markets
Senior editor at Bloomberg
Philanthropist, economist, and hedge fund manager
Cheif Economist at Natixis Americas, former economic advisor to President Trump
Nobel-prize winning economist, professor at Columbia U., former chief economist of World Bank
CEO of Hedgeye Risk Management
Canadian businessman, author, politician. Crypto investor. Shark Tank star.
Hedge fund manager, founder of Hayman Capital Management, activist investor and China critic
Author, founder of "The Bear Trap Report", former macro strategist at Societe Generale
Economist, professor, former director of the National Economic Council for President Obama
Journalist at Bloomberg, co-host of Bloomberg Surveillance
Managing Director and Chief Investment Strategist at Charles Schwab & Co.
Mr. Goldman Sachs. Now chairman, former CEO and COO
Finance TV-program hosted by Jim Cramer
Billionaire entrepreneur, TV personality, and media proprietor
Highly respected associate editor and chief economic commentator at Financial Times. Author.
aka "Inflation Guy". Director in Enduring Investments and Real Asset Strategies
Director of Research at Ritholtz Wealth Management
Investor and hedge fund manager. Predicted the subprime crisis, as in the movie "The Big Short"
Finance Professor, Peking University, and Senior Fellow, Carnegie-Tsinghua Center
Senior Markets Commentator at CNBC
Chairman and CEO of Microstrategy, crypto investor
Chief economic advisor at Allianz, former CEO at PIMCO, president of Queens College, Cambridge
Partner at Collaborative Fund, former columnist, author of "The Psychology of Money"
Investment research firm, activist short seller
Professor, essayist, author of The Black Swan, former banker and statistician
Historian, professor and columnist. Wrote the documentary "The Ascent of Money"
Chief economics correspondent at The Wall Street Journal
Economist, professor, nicknamed "Dr. Doom"
Head of Commodity Strategy at SaxoBank (Denmark)
French economist, professor, former chief economist at IMF
Nobel Prize-winning economist, professor and NYT-columnist
Hedge fund manager, billionaire, conservationist and philanthropist
Trader, CEO and founder of Factor Trading
CEO & Founder of Euro Pacific Capital. Gold bug.
Founder and CEO of Global Macro Investor and Realvision
Investor, billionaire, hedge fund manager. Founder of Bridgewater Associates
English business magnate, investor, billionaire, and now also astronaut. Founder of Virgin Group.
Nobel Prize-winning economist, professor, author. Invented the "Shiller PE Ratio".
Investor and author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad-series
Chief Economist at Institute of International Finance, former chief FX strategist at Goldman Sachs
Co-Founder, President and CEO of Gerber Kawasaki Wealth and Investment Management
Chief Market Strategist at LPL Financial
Founder, CEO & CIO of Guggenheim Partners
Chief Investment Strategist and Portfolio Manager at Hightower Advisors
British economist, Senior economic advisor at HSBC, advisor to House of Commons
Economist, professor at John Hopkins U,, trader, columinst, worked in Reagan's admin.
Senior economic reporter at CNBC
Founder and the lead market strategist for NorthmanTrader, commentator
CEO at Apple since 2011. Billionaire.
Portfolio Manager/CIO at Seymour Asset Management
Journalist and editor at Bloomberg, co-host of Odd Lots, based in Hong Kong
Investor, crypto investor. Made famous in the movie The Social Network
Wharton. McKinsey. UBS. Securities industry since '94, according to Twitter profile
Vitalik Buterin, Co-founder of Ethereum, crypto investor
The "Oracle from Omaha" hasn't tweeted since 2016. Still, we couldn't leave him out of the list.
Dr. Ed Yardeni is the President and Chief Investment Strategist of Yardeni Research
Far-right libertarian blog. Presents breaking financial news and opinions
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