#France’s credit outlook cut to negative by S&P as nation’s slowing econ & govt measures to cushion households & businesses from higher energy weigh on public finances. AA rating affirmed. S&P cut 2023 GDP forecast to 0.2% from 1.7%, deficit forecast raised to 5.4% from 4% of GDP
Just learned from @cclerici that for my graph putting #ECB balance sheet in relation to GDP, I may not take 2010 adj GDP in denominator, but last year's trailing GDP. When #inflation soars, the measure is skewed to the upside. Now ECB balance sheet equals to 66% of Eurozone GDP.
OOPS! No Goldi-lockish US jobs data. A bit too hot!
#Fed deleveraging continues as balance sheet keeps shrinking. Total assets dropped by $37bn in the past week to $8,584.6bn, the lowest level since Nov 2021. Fed balance sheet equates to 33.4% vs #ECB's 78%, BoJ's 128%.
Good Morning from Germany where trade balance keeps improving not due to booming exports, but to fact that commodity prices have fallen, making imports cheaper & leading to better terms of trade. Exports fell by 0.6% in Oct MoM, imports fell 3.7%. Trade surplus widened to €6.9bn
In case you missed it: #ECB balance sheet has shrunk by a whopping €298bn to €8,471.4bn, the lowest since Dec 2021, as banks have repaid €296bn of their TLTRO loans. Total assets still equate to 78% of Eurozone GDP vs Fed's 33%, SNB's 115%, BoJ's 128%.
Fed-sensitive US 2y yields swung nearly 20bp peak-to-trough: they hit a peak of 4.55% in the morning before dropping all the way to 4.37% after somewhat dovish Powell speech. Fed tightening forecasts swung, w/Fed terminal rate dropping from 5.05% to 4.92%. (via @knowledge_vital)
Good Morning from #Germany, where supermarket prices keep rising. German Food CPI jumped 21% YoY in Nov, the highest food price #inflation since the start of the statistic & way higher than in other Eurozone countries. In #Italy, food inflation is just 14% & in #Spain 16%.
Europe Gas price closed at 6-week high w/unusually frigid weather expected to start eroding gas inventories.
Peak #Inflation in one chart. German Inflation plunged by 0.5% MoM in Nov, the first month-on-month decrease since Nov 2021 AND the biggest monthly drop since Nov 2020.
Peak Inflation narrative gets another favorite number: German #inflation eases. CPI slows to 10% YoY in Nov.
Peak #inflation narrative gets another favorable number: North Rhine Westphalia CPI dropped 0.8% MoM, biggest decrease since Nov 2020.
Good Morning from #Germany, where #wages are lagging far behind #inflation, so Germans getting poorer. Nominal earnings were up 2.3% in Q3 YoY but inflation rose 8.4% in same period, so real (price-adjusted) earnings plunged by 5.7%, largest real wage loss since statistics began.
Elon Musk went on tear against #Apple, #Twitter’s top advertiser, after he said AAPL threatened to block TWTR from App Store w/o explanation & mostly had stopped advertising. Apple was top advertiser on Twitter, spending $48mln in Q1, >4% of Twitter’s rev.
#Apple faces deficit of 6mln iPhone Pros on #China tumult. Production losses will affect Apple’s most in-demand phones. Workers have fought back against Covid lockdown fallout. In a worst-case scenario, one-fifth of sales would be lost.
BlockFi files for chapter 11 bankruptcy.
#Oil prices plunge as #China protests hit risk sentiment. WTI tumbled to lowest since Dec2021. China unrest comes after sharp pullback in oil mkt as risk of China slowdown looms & EU floated price cap on Russian crude that looks set to have minimal impact.
Good Morning from Germany where natural gas storage fell over past week to 243.5 TWh, or 98.8% full, in week to Nov26 compared w/5y avg of 86% for this time of year. A week earlier it was 99.6% of capacity. Traders focus on cold weather & possible Russia supply disruptions. (BBG)
#China is experiencing largest protests since Tiananmen Square protests. An online video of a fire in an apartment block has unleashed nationwide anger and protests over Beijing's Covid restrictions. Weak econ figures now being compounded by further risks

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