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John Dean, a convicted liar, criticizes Trump who has never been charged with or convicted of anything. This is CNN.
Watergate's John Dean on Mar-a-Lago raid: "[Trump] could have told nobody, but he decided the opposite. He put out a really dubious press release, where he attacked the institution, where he laid doubt about the process. [...] It's going to come back and bite him."
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Chrystia, you're a fraud and a fascist. We all know the "vaccines" don't work.
I got my second booster shot at my local drugstore this evening. If you are 18 and over in Ontario, you too can get your second booster! And thank you to all of the pharmacists across Canada who are continuing to keep us healthy and safe. 💉
My 90-minute dialogue with @DiMartinoBooth has just been released. There's not much on the monetary, fiscal or economic fronts that we didn't cover. Enjoy!
Highlight of my recent visit to Bretton Woods was a 90-minute moderated dialogue with the inimitable @DiMartinoBooth. We covered Fed, inflation, recession, fiscal policy, supply chain, and more. Discussion was livestreamed to readers of Strategic Intelligence. Live is the best!
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Substitue the word "rig" for "protect" and you'll have the story right.
JUST IN - Twitter announces steps "to protect" US midterm elections.
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Senility? Lies? Or just good comedy writing?
Biden: "Today we received news that our economy had zero percent inflation in the month of July. ZERO percent."
I'm in the Gold Room in the Mt. Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods. This is where the Bretton Woods Agreements were signed. That's the original table and chairs unchanged since 1944. We are closer to a new system where gold again plays a role than most realize.
Nice to be in the Mt. Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods where the world monetary system was formed in 1944. Beautiful area; great place to visit. You can feel the ghost of John Maynard Keynes in the hallways. He favored gold. Too bad today's central bankers have lost the thread.
Arrived in Bretton Woods last night just in time to learn of the Mar-a-Lago raid. The former is a symbol of sound money and U.S. strength. The latter is a symbol of late stage decadence, a case of the U.S. destroying itself in a way no foreign enemy could.
Good article: Brits on strike against paying electric bills. Dutch farmers are on strike, won't talk to the government. Chinese debtors won't pay mortgages due to fraudulent developers. U.S. citizens up in arms against election fraud. Got a revolution.
Biden plans to extent the COVID state of emergency. You know, so they can extend the mail-in ballot fraud and drop-box stuffing financed by Mark Zuckerberg. The order will be given just in time for another rigged election.
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More elite propaganda. Nominal wages were up 5.8%, but after 9.1% inflation, real wages were down 3.3%. The middle class loses again.
Uncomfortably hot jobs report. 528K jobs added & unemployment rate falls to 3.5%.

What worries me re inflation is avg hourly earnings were up at a 5.8% ar in July. June revised to 5.4% (up from 3.8%).

The wage moderation we were all discussing last month was simply wrong data.
Public health officials are troubled that no one is listening to them about monkeypox. After they lied for two years about masks, lockdowns, and vaccines why should we listen to them at all? Once your credibility is gone, you can't get it back.
China ends cooperation on climate, drugs and military matters after Pelosi visit to Taiwan. We'll get more CO2, more fentanyl, and armed confrontation as a result. Nice job, Nancy. She's giving Greta a close race in terms of publicity stunts that backfire.
How's New York these days? A 23-year-old worker at McDonald's is clinging to life after being shot at point blank range because the french fries were cold. You can be sure the alleged shooter will be released without bail.
Democrats and their pet economists claim that proposed tax increases will tame inflation. That's probably right. If you destroy the economy, inflation comes down real fast. You won't be overspending because you won't have a job.
How the dollar has been weaponized by Biden and why that effort will fail. It's not too soon to envision a world after the dollar. (10 mins).
Chinese spies tried to penetrate the Fed for inside information. Instead of breaking up the plot we should have facilitated it. The Fed gets everything wrong so inside information would have completely confused the Chinese. Be like Sun Tzu.
The neo-fascist and globalist regimes are falling like dominoes. Sri Lanka, UK and Italian elites have fallen in recent days. Pakistan fell tonight. Let’s hope Trudeau and Biden are not far behind. Time to clean house.
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Probably heading to a Mexican restaurant for breakfast tacos.
JUST IN - Jill Biden's press secretary resigns.

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