Crypto employers want to see "credentials of self-interest ... of true intellectual curiosity and that you have done the homework," @jeffwilser says on "Community Crypto".

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Cardano development lab @emurgo_io will invest over $200 million to support projects directly building atop of or integrated into @Cardano’s network alongside their own.
#CoinDeskIDEAS connects institutional investors, asset managers, service providers and crypto natives.

“It was important to me that we had an excellent ratio of the traditional finance and the crypto natives,” CoinDesk’s Tira Grey explains.

#NFTs land on @instagram

U.S. users can now connect their crypto wallets to Instagram after parent company @Meta announced Thursday the long-awaited arrival of its digital collectible feature to its millions of users in the U.S.
.@CaliforniaDFPI, California's financial regulator, has brought enforcement actions against eleven little-known crypto companies, alleging they stole customer funds or operated like Ponzi schemes.
.@Tether_to’s former auditor has been fined $1 million by @SECGov.

The order details sloppy accounting practices at Friedman LLP from 2015 to 2020, including its failure to “exercise due professional care and professional skepticism.”
In the '90s, Judge Easterbrook said there's no "law of the horse" to explain the absence of internet law. Likewise, there's no "crypto law."

So why are there so many crypto lawyers?

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It’s not easy for Latin Americans to borrow money from traditional banks at a time of extremely high interest rates and relentless inflation. So some in the region have turned to crypto to gain access to needed credit.
SWIFT is working with @chainlink, a provider of price feeds and other data to blockchains, on a cross-chain interoperability protocol, enabling SWIFT messages to instruct on-chain token transfers.
How has the relationship between fans and the experience evolved?

CEO of @tknevents Adam Jones is using Web3 to connect the fans with events, “having that fan own their data and with that data getting rewards.”

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“The point is to not go into all the details about crypto, but to give them a basic level of knowledge so they can go and learn themselves, ” Amherst College professor Neil White said.

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.@circlepay plans to offer four HBCUs a free crypto literacy progra. Students who do well will get a leg up on Circle internships and employment.

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Are there new rules ahead for the DeFi sector?

Regulation of DeFi needs to be done “carefully and thoughtfully” given its limited impact on the real economy,” @federalreserve Chair Jerome Powell says.
Crypto digital banking platform @JunoFinanceHQ raises $18M in funding and launches tokenized loyalty program.

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The European Union will tighten restrictions on Russian crypto investments.

In April, the EU announced that it would restrict Russian payments to European #crypto wallets to 10,000 euros. The new measures mean that figure could be reduced to zero.
Crypto is a "multidisciplinary" subject that is hard to teach in an "ivory tower kind of way that normal universities do," @iomob_net CEO @boydcohen says.

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