U.S. stocks rebounded to close almost where they opened, after a stronger-than-expected jobs report for November raised questions over how soon the Federal Reserve could slow its aggressive interest rate hikes. Read more:
This family left the U.S. and bought an apartment in Portugal for $534,000—look inside their 400-year-old home. (via @CNBCMakeIt)
"This is about the outrageous behavior of an individual," Sen. Pat Toomey says on the FTX fallout.
Russian tourists are once again traveling in large numbers to Thailand and using credit cards issued outside of Russia
The U.S. added a more-than-expected 263,000 jobs in November despite announcements of thousands of job cuts by technology companies, including Twitter, Amazon and Meta. Read more
“Oil is pinched in that sort of demand-supply equation right now,” @mdbaccardax says. More:
Here's how a 26-year-old brings in up to $19K a month throwing parties: (via @CNBCMakeIt)
Tax "refunds may be smaller in 2023," warns the IRS. Here's why.
Am I diversified? Jim Cramer makes the call


Just because the WOKE want you to think WOKE does not mean you must become a WOKER. Protect your sanity. FIGHT BACK. Live Free, Laugh Free, Stay Free…in your body, mind, and your spirit.
The Top 100 Most Valuable Brands In 2022 |  Link
SFT101_Our_Rules_ND_FB_030_X0.mp4 - Box |  Link
#Ghana's economic woes continue to mount. Today, I accurately measure inflation in Ghana at a stunning 145.43%/yr. That's ~3.6x the phony official rate. To rein in inflation, Ghana must install a currency board, NOW!
China Slump Hurts World Economy Watch, suscribe and comment: |  Link
If I've learned one thing from my investment in @basepaws, it's that people love their pets! So proud of what the team has done and this new acquisition. #SharkTank
Scientists Claim To Have Created A Tiny Wormhole In The Quantum Realm |  Link
Everything about Mr. Wonderful is premium. That’s not free, it’s always going to come with a cost. #SharkTank
Good thing that nobody in government participated in and discussed the Epstein case via DM
I want you to think about your competition everyday, and always be aiming to work harder than them.
Your ability to execute is what I’m looking at, that’s what any investor, boss, and business peer is looking at. Show you have what it takes. #SharkTank
Regardless of what education you have under you belt you still have to EXECUTE what you’ve learned in order to be successful. #SharkTank
How are you using social media to reach new customers? #SharkTank
One of the deadliest killers of small businesses is high customer acquisition costs. A following on social media has completely changed the landscape in lowering this cost for entrepreneurs. #SharkTank
People like to call me the mean Shark, but I’m your best friend! I tell the TRUTH. That’s the best gift anyone could ever give you. #SharkTank
Raytheon Reveals US Plan To Remove Anti-Air Systems From Gulf For Ukraine |  Link
World Cup Stock Picks - GK Viewpoint #GK #GetInvested Link
Watch Live: Air Force Unveils B-21 Raider Stealth Bomber |  Link
Stocks closed up for the week on Friday, marking the first time since October the three major indexes saw consecutive weekly gains. |  Link
"... and tech has no Hillary to hide behind" cc: @HillaryClinton
it's a little crazy that someone had to pay $44BN for the public to gain access to this information
Appeals Court Stops Special Master Review Of Documents Seized At Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Estate |  Link
The US system is designed for courts to oversee free speech issues, not politicians or social media platforms.
Brilliant to see how @VirginAustralia has raised the stakes in its middle seat lottery. Such a great way to make people smile. Here’s more about the competition: #VirginFamily Link
The tweet heard ‘round the world
Accessibility is essential to building a more equitable world. For decades, we’ve been committed to designing technology with the input, expertise, and creativity of people with disabilities — technology that can be used by everyone. |  Link
So Larry let the cat out of the bag, BlackRock doesn’t do due diligence, they jump on bandwagons like everyone in VC land.
Let's see which mainstream media outlets cover the "Twitter files"
Elon Musk Releases THE TWITTER FILES: How Twitter Collaborated With "The Biden Team" To Cover Up The Hunter Notebook Story |  Link
Genius engagement trap.... I know what Im doing tonight!
“.. Twitter’s U.S. ad revenue was running at 80 percent below internal expectations for that week, three people with knowledge of the figures said.” ⁦@nytimes⁩ ⁦@MikeIsaac#WorldCup Link
Somewhere Julian Assange is finally having a laugh
I'm glad I moved out of California years ago. What a disaster this will be for the state if this harebrained proposal is actually passed. |  Link
Looks like @elonmusk worked with @mtaibbi on the Hunter Biden twitter docs
LA County Experiences 1,200% Increase In Fentanyl Overdose Deaths Over 5-Year Period |  Link
IF you have watched this interview you will realize why it is so incredibly urgent to get blockchain proof of ID and proof of content authentication. 1/
let the weekend begin with our last show of the week!!
Antifa Defendants Arrested In Attack On Trump Supporters Take Plea Deals |  Link
Read our newest Bespoke Report newsletter here: |  Link
The European Union's Misguided Energy Price Cap Proposal. #OOTT Link
I care about EV trucks and advancing sustainable energy and transportation. #Tesla $TSLA #TeslaSemi #CyberTruck
A cap on Russian oil makes no sense in a global market. At best it is a giant price deficit subsidy that will benefit China and at worst an irrelevant top set higher than the average Urals price of the past 5 years. #OOTT Link
Could care less about Hunter Biden.
Jeremy Siegel gets it. The Fed needs to be stopped before they hurt America. Couldn’t have said it better…
the "spirit" in which the stolen money was offered was anything but to "support independent journalism"
Hartnett: "2 Shocks Down, 1 To Go" And Why Jobs In 2023 Will Be A Disaster |  Link
So going forward Putin will only make money from the speech circuit at $250K a pop?
Today our coalition set a cap on the price of seaborne Russian oil — a result of months of effort and a sign of our united resolve. This will help restrict Putin’s primary source of revenue for his war and preserve stability of global energy supplies. |  Link
Minneapolis Settles With 12 Injured George Floyd Protesters, Police Barred From Arresting Lawful Protesters |  Link
Have a lovely weekend all! Enjoy this tune: Coldplay - Magic. Don't think this ever got enough play.
Trading comment re: hindsight regret During 48 yrs as futures trader I estimate I have made > than 11,000 trades. Rarely, looking back at trades in hindsight, can I say that I would not have done something different Trading is a matter of reconciling reality with hindsight
Now is the @CIA's chance to shine
Sunrun? Buy or Sell, tonight!
A great episode coming Monday, with economic historian @delong on the collapse of FTX and its similarities to the South Sea Company. Out now on @TheTerminal
The Biden-Harris Administration continues to focus on easing cost of living pressures on households, including through implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act.
“Never give up, no matter how hard life gets no matter how much pain you feel. Pain will eventually subside, nothing remains forever, so keep going and don't give up.” ― Imran Khan
I'm in a room full of men in suits saying that today's wage print means higher inflation and interest rates. Meanwhile, the 10-year Treasury. ????
#France’s credit outlook cut to negative by S&P as nation’s slowing econ & govt measures to cushion households & businesses from higher energy weigh on public finances. AA rating affirmed. S&P cut 2023 GDP forecast to 0.2% from 1.7%, deficit forecast raised to 5.4% from 4% of GDP
California Governor's Reparations Committee To Recommend $223,200 Per Descendant Of Slavery |  Link
real good stuff on apparel tonight
Really nice reversal today, right near the 200-day MA. After a 15% rally off the lows, some chop around here would be perfectly normal. Remember, the first half of December usually isn't very strong, it is later in the month the gains tend to arrive.
This week I discussed the resilience of the U.S. job market with @andrewrsorkin at NYT #Dealbook. Right now, we have almost the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years and a historically high ratio of job openings to people seeking work.
Another good one on tap: Luis Berruga, the chief executive officer at Global X ETFs. Before joining Global X, which has $42 billion in assets under management |  Link
Global Entry already uses facial recognition — you don't even scan your passport. Convenient but spooky |  Link
The economy is starting to get the presumption of innocence from the market