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When is enough @mikebonin ??? Young woman senselessly killed by the homeless this week in your district. WTF Mike, when is enough, enough.
How Good Is China's J-20 Stealth Fighter Jet?
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Why did they wait until the pandemic was over?
Not gonna lie, best government website I have ever used. You just type your address, click one button, and they send some tests. Many said this could not be done, for some reason. And yet—behold!

Looking at some measures of the ongoing correction

S&P 500 correction now 5.5%, biggest since November 2020.
Come on. Netflix has the best content in the world. Profits continue to drive higher. In gaming now. Owns theaters. Rasing prices. I’m sure still adding many subs. I like Netflix. $nflx
Thoughts on the market—> Reuters: Ross Gerber - The Banks & Big Tech via @YouTube $aapl $msft $nvda $tsla
Used car market was draining inventory even before COVID
Schumer tonight: “Opponents of fair and open elections filibustered anti-poll tax legislation in 1942, 1944, and 1946; they filibustered the Civil Rights bill of 1960; and they filibustered legislation on literacy tests in 1962.” Yes, and those filibusters were led by Democrats.
Maybe something like this
In other news…

“Hong Kong is suspending in-person secondary-school classes from Monday, local media reported. Covid tests for hamsters in Macau came back negative after Hong Kong ordered thousands of the animals to be culled.”

Biden is doing a good job campaigning for midterms, for republicans
Starbucks Joins Growing List Of Companies Abandoning Vax Mandate After SCOTUS Ruling
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UK’s Boris Johnson cancels masks and mandatory vaccine cards. Another leader with guts. Let’s go Brandon. I am not against vaccines. I am against mandates. Leave our freedoms alone.
Puerto Rico received court approval to leave bankruptcy through the largest restructuring of U.S. municipal debt ever, ending years of conflict with creditors.

Tuesday’s court ruling approved a write-down of $30.5 billion in public debts

In your face US sanctions

Breaking news

Federal Reserve may trigger "deep corrections' in stock market in 2022 with its actions, strategist warns by @BrianSozzi Link
Singapore’s largest ETFs to be excluded from China connect scheme |  Link
Nomura sees services spurt as omicron signals shift to endemic |  Link
Qantas applied to terminate a pre-pandemic deal with international cabin crew as it seeks more flexibility to help it recover from the aviation industry’s worst-ever crisis |  Link
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp.’s high capital levels may give Southeast Asia’s second-largest lender as much as S$7 billion in excess funds that could be used for acquisitions, says Bloomberg Intelligence |  Link
Ukraine may increase borrowing costs further as concerns over a potential war with Russia have pushed the country’s currency to the weakest level in a year |  Link
Toyota suspended some operations at its Tsutsumi plant in central Japan’s Aichi Prefecture through Saturday after about a dozen line workers there tested positive for Covid |  Link
Sequoia has made its first investment in the Persian Gulf region by leading a funding round for Saudi fintech firm Lean Technologies |  Link
Base metals are heating up yet again, with nickel reaching $24,000 a ton for the first time in more than a decade |  Link
Here's how Pokémon became a multibillion-dollar industry: (via @CNBCMakeIt) |  Link
Permian Basin: high oil price breathes new life into US shale |  Link
Attack on Abu Dhabi risks upsetting a cautious detente in the Gulf |  Link
Westpac's chief economist expects Australia’s central bank will begin its interest rate tightening cycle in August |  Link
Hong Kong plans to halt in-person secondary school classes starting on Monday, local media reported |  Link
Shares of Chinese real estate developers rallied on Thursday, after reports regulators may ease restrictions on their access to pre-sale funds and as lenders cut borrowing costs |  Link
Exports could be key driver for China's growth as Covid drags down spending, say analysts |  Link
Amid a housing crisis, California reserves some of its coveted low-cost financing for other kinds of projects, such as a controversial desalination plant |  Link
British consumer price inflation rose more than expected to 5.4% in December, its highest in almost 30 years |  Link
Here’s how much you should spend on food and rent if you make $50,000 per year. #investinyou (In partnership with @acorns.) |  Link
The rollout of the program to deliver up to four rapid tests to each U.S. household joins other administration efforts to trim bureaucratic hurdles for pandemic services via @CityLab Link
The accounting of Governor Kathy Hochul’s record-breaking $21.6 million campaign haul reads like an alphabet soup of New York’s most prominent real-estate developers, trade groups and fund managers |  Link
Australia wouldn't let Novak Djokovic in, but backpackers are accepted with open arms |  Link
Venezuela’s government held a rare hour-long call on Wednesday with at least two dozen bondholders and fund managers from the U.S. and Euro |  Link
Australia’s near decade of weak wage growth and subdued inflation could be starting to turn |  Link
From overseas parcels to frozen food and people's pets, here’s a list of what’s been targeted in China's futile quest to achieve Covid Zero |  Link
This is the "worst food ingredient for your immune system"—especially during Covid, says immunologist. (via @CNBCMakeIt) |  Link
Bitcoin sits on 'powder keg of volatility' as bulls, bears tussle over next moves by @DsHollers Link
Apollo's Leon Black has accused his former partner and co-founder Josh Harris of being behind a “malicious” campaign to take him down |  Link
Morgan Stanley reported a fourth-quarter profit that beat market expectations, outperforming rivals as its focus on advising wealth clients bore fruit. Bank of America also reported a better-than-expected 30% jump in quarterly profit. Read more $MS $BAC |  Link
Here's how a 26-year-old brings in up to $19K a month throwing parties: (via @CNBCMakeIt) |  Link
Shanghai bourse asks STAR Market companies to disclose ESG details |  Link
A Chinese fund manager trounced almost every rival last year, thanks to robots working non-stop |  Link
watch: Stocks on Wall Street fell with the Nasdaq confirming a correction, despite generally positive earnings, as investors continued to worry about higher U.S. Treasury yields and the Federal Reserve tightening monetary policy |  Link
Markets are stuck with a case of Fed indigestion: analyst by @SPYJared Link
Philippine VP candidate Sara Duterte said she will push mandatory military service for the young people if elected |  Link
Sri Lanka’s central bank raised borrowing costs for the first time in three meetings to fight rapidly rising inflation |  Link
Afterpay's meteoric rise as a lending pioneer |  Link
Consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble raised its annual sales forecast amid a frenzied demand for cleaning products. Read more here: $PG |  Link
A Harvard nutritionist and brain expert says she avoids these 5 foods that "weaken memory and focus." (via @CNBCMakeIt) |  Link
Alcoa warns investors that any conflict between Russia and Ukraine could have an impact on the global aluminum market |  Link
JUST IN: Biden-led effort to strengthen voting rights collapses in Senate |  Link
JUST IN: Hong Kong will suspend in-person secondary-school classes from Monday to help contain Covid-19 cases, local media reports say |  Link
BREAKING: Senate Republicans block voting rights bills, join with two Democrats to prevent filibuster change |  Link
Unilever investors call AGM vote to push for healthy food targets |  Link
You don’t have to own homes to profit from real estate. Wealth advisor Josh Brown shares his philosophy on investing in the real estate market. #investinyou (In partnership with @acorns.) |  Link
Burberry saw sales accelerate in the third quarter, driven by a strong demand for outerwear and leather goods. The British luxury brand said annual profits would beat market expectations. More here: |  Link
Market makers are at a crossroads when it comes to cryptocurrencies: buying into a once-in-a-millennium opportunity, or risk being cut out by it via @BW Link
More than a million Covid-19 vaccine shots expired in Indonesia before they could be given out, as most of them were donated with a short shelf life |  Link
Big Tech is serious about the metaverse. We know because Microsoft just dropped $69 billion for it via @BW Link
Here are the U.S. housing markets with the highest bidding-war rates during December |  Link
Jobless claims preview: Another 225,000 Americans likely filed new claims last week by @emily_mcck Link
The first blank-check company to debut in Singapore attracted strong demand for its shares reserved for retail and institutional investors |  Link
Here's where to pick up the free N95 masks being distributed by the government |  Link
Biden’s first-year struggles punctuated by wayward Russia remark |  Link
There's so little feed grain left in Western Canada farmers are turning to American corn to keep their animals from going hungry |  Link
Nothing subtle about this, writes @shuli_ren. With Xi Jinping increasingly depending on local and provincial governments to keep the economy on track, Beijing airs a television series featuring officials serving hard time or facing execution via @bopinion Link
Hong Kong-listed Chinese stocks rise after lenders lowered borrowing costs following the central bank’s move to cut policy loan rates and commit to more easing |  Link
FINRA eyes enhancements to digital asset sale disclosures |  Link
Chesapeake Energy is in advanced talks to acquire privately owned natural gas producer Chief Oil & Gas for about $2.4 billion including debt, Reuters reports |  Link
The Supreme Court has already ruled that the president is not above the law, notes @TimOBrien. Now it has also said ex-presidents are not immune from congressional oversight via @bopinion Link
A dietitian who quit drinking coffee shares 5 things she eats and drinks now "for energy and focus." (via @CNBCMakeIt) |  Link
Businesses have been able to skate by without contributing to a vital piece of their ability to operate: child care |  Link
President Biden said that he’s not ready to lift Trump's tariffs on Chinese imports |  Link
China is still 'three or four generations' away from developing latest semiconductor tech, IDC says |  Link
Biden says 'not there yet' on possible easing of tariffs on Chinese goods |  Link
Microsoft's bid for Activision Blizzard comes with 2 big legal hurdles by @alexiskweed Link
The U.S. is bouncing back from Covid-19, and once the virus becomes endemic, its burdens will no longer be top of mind—but that doesn't mean they will be gone, Greg Ip writes |  Link
Take a look inside this 2-bedroom, 1,100-square-foot apartment with 10-foot ceilings that Janet Blaser pays $420/month for in Mexico. 🌴 (via @CNBCMakeIt) |  Link
Central banks in Indonesia and Malaysia are expected to keep their benchmark interest rates at record lows Thursday |  Link
High oil prices boost commodity currencies, dollar rally stalls |  Link
U.S. antitrust bill expanded to include TikTok and Tencent's WeChat |  Link
Sri Lanka’s central bank raised borrowing costs for the first time in three meetings to fight rapidly rising inflation |  Link
Nearly 22 million Americans are millionaires. Here's how they got wealthy. #investinyou (In partnership with @acorns.) |  Link
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has signaled he may lift a self-imposed moratorium on major nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missile tests because of “hostile” moves by the U.S. |  Link
Northern Virginia has been named the world’s most desirable data center location for a third straight year, according to a report by real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield |  Link
Exotic foreign-exchange derivatives are making a comeback in India |  Link
The Monetary Association of Singapore says it would be “intensifying scrutiny" of financial institutions’ anti-fraud mechanisms as it grapples with a spate of scams |  Link
Kinder Morgan profit tops expectations on higher gasoline, jet fuel volumes |  Link
President Joe Biden says he thinks Russia may “move in” on Ukraine after amassing more than 100,000 troops on the nation’s border |  Link
Thousands of remote-operated forklifts are being deployed to combat omicron and labor shortages |  Link