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Huge compliment. Thank you. Mike @novogratz is a visionary entrepreneur.

Btw it’s an IQ test: the spelling of my name. 🤔
Soaring #inflation forced the #Russian central bank to raise interest rates to 20%. YoY inflation peaked at 17.8% in April, allowing the central bank to lower rates to 14%. The Russian economy survived 20% interest rates. There's no way the U.S. economy could withstand the shock!
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Lamborghini . . .
Algorand...As fast as and as beautiful as Ferrari, as green and as economical as Tesla, as reliable and as cheap as Toyota. as safe as Volvo...soon to be as desirable as Bmw and Mercedes @Scaramucci @CRYPT0forCHANGE
Twitter used to refer to itself as “the free speech wing of the free speech party.” Over time the soft totalitarian rot of the woke mind virus started to take over. Excited to see @elonmusk bring Twitter back to its original roots, ethos, and mission.
RICH DAD said “Bull Markets make stupid investors look smart. Bear Markets turn the stupid investors into losers and smart investors into winners.”Markets are crashing. Time for smart investors to become very rich winners. Take care
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OOPS. @laurakfink

Best I get the Twitter handle right lest she remain in the deluded state.
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I’m lucky I didn’t drink coffee this morning! I was plenty worked up listening to @LauraFink insist raising taxes into an earnings recession would reduce inflation

The only way that warped plan works: Layoffs would temper inflation of what US families can longer buy AT ANY PRICE
Get ready here we come. @DiMartinoBooth Laura Fink and I will be joining @DavidAsmanfox @FoxBusiness at 11:20. You'll need an espresso for this one! 😎👍
The Biden administration's wild spending & the Fed's financing of it have put most American families in a tough spot. Their household budgets are being battered by Biden's inflation tax.
Following people on Fitness Twitter is as pleasant as socializing with hypochondriacs.
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I’m lucky I didn’t drink coffee this morning! I was plenty worked up listening to @LauraFink insist raising taxes into an earnings recession would reduce inflation

The only way that warped plan works: Layoffs would temper inflation of what US families can longer buy AT ANY PRICE
Get ready here we come. @DiMartinoBooth Laura Fink and I will be joining @DavidAsmanfox @FoxBusiness at 11:20. You'll need an espresso for this one! 😎👍
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If you thought they couldn't possibly be bold enough to repeat the exact same script, you were wrong.
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#monkeypox PSA 🦠

—Early indications that 6 people from a single flight caught it from 1 other person.
—If R0 is consistently above 2, we have another global pandemic on our hands.
—After smallpox was eradicated, smallpox vaccines were no longer standard care for millennials.
This is the result when you accumulated mistakes on the national and international fronts ⬇

🇦🇺 #Australia’s Albanese Set to Take Power as Conservatives Ousted - Bloomberg
Per this headline from today's @DailyMailUK, as well as my @FT article from last November, #inflation is the number one electoral issue in the vast majority of democracies ... and the anger is increasingly being directed at governments in power.

#economy #markets #centralbanks
6 months of market developments in one headline.

''Oil giant Saudi Aramco dethrones Apple as the world's most valuable company''.
Top Putin Aide Predicts "Global Famine" By The End Of This Year
At end of 2020, the 10-yr was just 1%. But Treasury did nothing to extend debt maturity, avg only ~5 yrs. You can't inflate away debt if your rate isn't locked. You have to re-fund at higher rates.

P.S. Bernanke & Yellen own both bubble and consequences.
In Mar. @JoeBiden bragged that the collapse of the #Russian rubble proved just how well his sanctions were working. Since then the rubble has soared to a 5-year high against the euro and a 4-year high against the dollar. Based on Biden's own criteria the sanctions have backfired!
🇨🇳 #China | #Shanghai district to require all shops to shut, residents to stay home – Reuters
🇪🇺 🇬🇷 EU Said to Clear the Way for Further Greek Debt Relief Measures – Bloomberg

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⚠️WALL STREET WEEKLY SUMMARY: *DOW: -2.9% *S&P 500: -3% *NASDAQ: -3.8% *RUSSEL 2000: -1.3% *VIX: +2% *U.S. 10-YEAR BOND: -4.7% *DOLLAR INDEX: -1.5% *U.S. WTI OIL: -0.2% *BRENT OIL: +0.9% *GOLD: +1.9% *BITCOIN: -2.5% 🇺🇸🇺🇸 $DIA $SPY $QQQ $IWM $VIX $CL_F $GC_F #BTC
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