ECB Behind the Curve?

Rate Hikes

Brazil 11
Peru 11
Mexico 9
Chile 8
S Korea 5

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“.. lots of questions from people about $AMD weakness,” writes the JPM desk. “If we are really headed for 3500 or whatever you think is the ‘bottom’ -- the names that people have fundamentally been more willing to defend over the last few months will be the last shoes to drop.”
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"The group has been struggling for months to deliver the volumes of oil to the market that it has pledged, as some members contend with diminished investment and operational issues."
OPEC+ is more than half a billion barrels behind on its pledge to supply world markets with oil, exacerbating concerns about the group’s ability to balance the global market

93% Of Working Americans Have A "Side Hustle", 51% Are Considering It Due To Inflation, New Study Finds
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Es Sider and Ras Lanuf oil terminals under force majeure
OIL MARKET: I said this again. While everyone focuses about Russia, do not forget about Libya, where things are going from bad to worse. On Monday, Mustafa Sanalla, the chairman of the national oil company admitted: "The situation is very serious" | #OOTT
US DOLLAR: I'll review our #1 Asset Allocation in 2022 on our Q3 Macro Themes Show 11AM @HedgeyeTV
CURVE: whoever keeps calling for it to steepen keeps getting it dead wrong

10s/2s flattens to +6bps as #recession probability rises
MILK: disinflates -6.9% this AM as the Softs continue to #soften into a Consumer #recession
Google GOOGL

After the "Earnings melt-up in January" - 26% off sale at $2240.

JP Morgan Price Target Revisions

June: $2800
May: $3200
April $3450
Dec: $3250

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OPEC Spare Capacity Is Smaller Than Market Expects: Shell CEO
Dr. COPPER's #Quad4 Crash = -24% from its Cycle Peak
POLAND: down another -1.0% this AM to -4.9% in the last month remains Bearish TREND @Hedgeye
GERMANY: The DAX remains a dog, down another -1.2% here this AM to -9.6% in the last month as Europe enters #recesssion
AUSTRALIA: down another -1.1% Down Under last night to -7.2% in the last month
Dr. KOSPI: clobbered right at the Hedgeye TRADE red line, down -1.8% overnight = #Quad4
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🇪🇺 My proxies suggest #Eurozone Economic Confidence for June could surprise upward.

*Bloomberg consensus:
- 103.0e v 105.0 prior
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Along with the decline in price, the insane backwardation we saw in a lot of industrial metals has gone away.
Aluminum in contango. Accept and don’t mix structural bull with cyclical bear.

We told u on this channel to sell base metals since 15 May 2022…

HIGH YIELD: OAS Spread widened to +521bps over Treasuries yesterday, signaling a Corporate Profit #Recession
Seems like one of the quieter overnights in awhile
More Than 900 Cases Of Hepatitis Of Unknown Origin Reported In Children, WHO Says
As Goebells said, if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.There is no shortage of housing, contrary to what the housebuilders might say. @ianmulheirn has showed the 300k building target...
6 months after Hedgeye...

> Sell-side economists flag Eurozone recession risk in Q4
Today in 1534, Jacques Cartier was the 1st European to reach Prince Edward Island

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Europe’s extreme heat wave on land unleashed a marine heat wave that’s still ongoing — another worrying signal of climate change |  Link
Pro-China group attacks US rare earths plant in fake social media posts |  Link
Europeans think only 68% of scientists agree that human-made climate change is happening. The real number is nearly 100% |  Link
China's travel rules are still the world's toughest, even with the shortened quarantine |  Link
China offers a “safe haven” in global equities as the nation is easing policies to boost growth at a time when most of the world is in tightening mode, according to JPMorgan |  Link
South Africa’s power utility Eskom says workers are returning to their posts, without any signs of unrest, following a meeting between the company and labor groups |  Link
The world won’t eradicate hunger by the end of the decade or meet climate goals from the Paris Agreement without a major overhaul of the agriculture sector, the UN warns |  Link
Investment firm Franklin Templeton, which oversees $1.5 trillion of assets, is looking to establish an office in Saudi Arabia |  Link
German industrial companies expect supply-chain issues to hamper output for at least ten more months |  Link
Investors have poured more than $21 billion into liquid alt funds this year through May, on pace to beat last year’s record inflows of $38.3 billion |  Link
A Republican who supports abortion rights found success in Colorado in the first primary elections since Roe v. Wade was overturned |  Link
Belgian CPI (Y/Y) Jun: 9.65% (prev 8.97%) - Belgian CPI (M/M) Jun: 0.85% (prev 0.77%)
The summer travel season has been hectic, to say the least |  Link
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Generations of Black Americans have lost their land, and their ability to build and pass on wealth, through tax lien sales via @BW Link
AeroVironment expects adjusted earnings for the fiscal year of $1.35 to $1.65 a share, below estimates of $1.75. |  Link
From @Breakingviews: If there were ever a good time for a would-be acquirer to sling an arrow in the direction of digital brokerage Robinhood, it’s probably now, says @johnsfoley Link
The ECB should consider raising interest rates by twice the planned amount next month if the inflation outlook deteriorates, according to Governing Council member Gediminas Simkus |  Link
South Africa’s central bank may consider raising its interest rate by half a percentage point for a second consecutive meeting in July, Governor Lesetja Kganyago says |  Link
Xi Jinping says the Covid Zero policy is the most “economic and effective” for China |  Link
Indoor vertical farms have been touted for their ability to grow leafy green vegetables like lettuce in warehouses year-round. Watch the video to learn how vertical farms are moving beyond the leafy greens and adding new crops. |  Link
The UK is considering maximum stakes of between £2 and £5 for online casinos and a ban on free bets under plans to address concerns about gambling addiction |  Link
German State CPI - Saxony (Y/Y) Jun: 7.7% (prev 8.0%) - German State CPI - Saxony (M/M) Jun: 0.0% (prev 1.1%)
Eurozone Economic Confidence Jun: 104.0 (est 103.0; prev 105.0) - Eurozone Industrial Confidence Jun: 7.4 (est 4.8; prev 6.3) - Eurozone Services Confidence Jun: 14.8 (est 12.8; prev 14.0) - Eurozone Consumer Confidence Jun F: -23.6 (prev -23.6)
A minority investor in AC Milan is pushing to block the sale of the team to US-based RedBird Capital Partners |  Link
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Britain’s power networks will spend £20.9 billion expanding the grid to connect up millions of electric vehicles, smart systems and renewables projects over the next five years |  Link
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Wells Fargo is launching another credit card |  Link
The crypto meltdown is hitting investors who were earning massive yields lending out their coins |  Link
Michael Burry suggests that the “Bullwhip Effect” may lead to the Fed reversing rate increases and its quantitative-tightening policy |  Link
ECB's Herodotou: Sees Inflation Peaking This Year - CNBC
$GOOGL Alphabet: JPMorgan Cuts Target Price To $2800 From $3200
Indonesian President Joko Widodo, host of this year's G-20 summit, arrives in Ukraine ahead of a visit to Russia And Finland and Sweden move closer to NATO membership as Turkey drops opposition Latest updates: |  Link
India is leading the world in ultrafast grocery delivery adoption via @BW Link
Shares on Wall Street posted steep losses, led by the tech-heavy Nasdaq, following a bleak U.S. consumer confidence report that spurred worries about recession |  Link
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German State CPI - Baden-Wurttemburg (Y/Y) Jun: 7.1% (prev 7.4%) - German State CPI - Baden-Wurttemburg (M/M) Jun: 0.1% (prev 0.9%)
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